Cook in MRIDA for a wholesome, healthy and organic meal experience
Made from pure and natural clay
Retains the nutrients in your food
Experience the intensive flavours of your food
Fill your senses with the natural aromas of healthy food
Designed specifically for your Gas Stoves
Refrigerator and Microwave safe

About Us

We welcome you to the family of MRIDA, where we are committed to harness the amazing potentials of our rich fertile soil and utilize them to present to you, a whole new organic way of cooking a nutritious and wholesome meal.


Three primary things which encapsulate our lives are -



The food that we eat has the most powerful impact on our health. Good healthy food has the power to keep us strong internally and is by far the biggest asset for our overall well-being.  Due to our constantly changing lifestyles, more and more people are adopting organic foods as their answer to stay healthy. However, having said that, it is important to put up a crucial question, to check the adequacy of our organic food choice.


  Are we successfully consuming all the essential nutrients and minerals that our "organic foods" comprise of?


Well, as much as we would want to, the answer is 'Not really!'


This is because we overlook the fact that the food we eat is greatly influenced by the utensils we cook it in. 


Even if you cook organic food and other healthy ingredients, most of the nutrients will be lost in cooking if the right utensils are not used. Our research findings validate this fact that the way we cook our food plays a major role in the nutrients that get retained in our food, and cooking in aluminium and chemically coated utensils, though cooks our food fast, but, in doing so kills a lot of nutrients that belonged to us.


Cooking in metal utensils has a strong possibility of transferring mild quantities of metal toxins in our system which can, over a period of time damage our health. Hence, it's quite crucial to choose the right utensils for cooking food – ones that are both healthy and non-toxic.


This finding made us look back to the ancient times and to explore the techniques of cooking used by our forefathers.

"Cooking in Earthen Pots"


Cooking in earthen pots gives you that same rich nutrition which comes from mother earth, and your food is full of all the healthy goodness and delightful flavour. 


In MRIDA earthenware, even while using the routine processes and recipes for cooking, the food cooked turns out amazing. The flavour are highly accentuated and the taste has an earthy, rich feel to it. The overall experience is a lot more fulfilling.

It is our passion for HEALTHY FOOD that led us to appreciate natural products and to adopt a healthy organic lifestyle. 


Our vision is to share this initiative with the world.


 Hence our brand "MRIDA", which essentially means SOIL in Sanskrit, came into being.