Cook in MRIDA for a wholesome, healthy and organic meal experience
Made from pure and natural clay
Retains the nutrients in your food
Experience the intensive flavours of your food
Fill your senses with the natural aromas of healthy food
Designed specifically for your Gas Stoves
Refrigerator and Microwave safe

Benefits of Clay Pots
  • Clay has certain unique features like its combination of nutrients, its elasticity and its ability to transform itself into a hard and durable substance when fired. This makes it the best raw material to make cooking utensils.
  • Clay is a porous material which, when saturated with water and heated on the gas stove, provides slow evaporation of steam from the pores.  This creates a moist enclosed environment that results in increased flavour and healthier foods.
  • It seals all the nutrients inside the pot by locking steam in. Because of the lid, the steam cannot escape the pot and is directed back into the food which eliminates the loss of water-soluble nutrients. Thus, cooking in clay pots requires lesser amounts of liquids. Also, the food cooks with minimum requirement of oils or ghee.
  • Clay does not react with food like metals do. So the food cooked in earthen pots is 100% free of toxins and no metal reactions occur, leaving you with the pure taste of your food alone. It does not leach into your food.
  • Clay being alkaline in nature helps in neutralising the pH balance of the food by interacting with the acid present in the food. Foods that are naturally acidic will acquire some natural sweetness. Acids in foods like tomatoes when cooked in earthen pots give the food a wonderful taste.
  • Cooking in Clay Pots is a natural way to detoxify. Our blood is alkaline in nature. Acidic food like junk and processed food produces fats and toxins in our body. A detox diet improves the pH balance of the body by making the blood alkaline. Since, Earthen Cookware neutralises pH balance. So, eating food cooked in earthen ware serves as a natural detox. 
  • Cooking in clay pots is a slower process than the metal utensils and as a result the food cooked retains most of its moisture and most of the food nutrients are retained.
  • A clay pot retains significantly more heat than other types of cookware, so food can be kept warm by keeping the lid on the pots without overcooking the food. Due to the intrinsic property of retaining heat and moisture, clay pots cook meats and chicken exceptionally well as the juices are retained.
  • It stays hot longer than other utensils, as the clay pot cools down slower. So it helps you avoid re-heating the food which in turn helps in preservation of the nutrients in your food.
  • Clay Pots are Eco-Friendly. Pure Clay is 100% Natural, fully bio-degradable and renewable resource.