Cook in MRIDA for a wholesome, healthy and organic meal experience
Made from pure and natural clay
Retains the nutrients in your food
Experience the intensive flavours of your food
Fill your senses with the natural aromas of healthy food
Designed specifically for your Gas Stoves
Refrigerator and Microwave safe

How is it made
  • Mrida Earthen Cookware is made up of pure Indian clays which are rich in minerals and are carefully selected and harvested from specific areas. There are no chemicals or additives added.
  • Each product is hand crafted by the rural artisans on pottery wheels. A great time, effort and care goes into carving out each unit with optimum quality.
  • Another factor in our clay pots is that each of the pieces is unique and even though the pots may be similar looking, there would be a small difference in each one of them. This is a charm associated only with hand-made products.
  • Our products are specifically designed to withstand the heat of a direct flame on the gas stove / burner. The use of special clay makes it microwave and refrigerator safe.
  • The complete process of making each clay pot takes about 15-20 days.
  • The biggest differentiator is that our products are "Unglazed". We do not use, nor do we recommend you to use glazed utensils because glaze is a chemical material and proves to be toxic. Moreover, it destroys the very nature of clay which is being porous. Our research reveal that the clay pots are at their best when they are in their natural form and not coated with glaze.